Our Corporate Objectives
  • To provide an excellent service to our customers.
  • To enhance shareholder's wealth by means of stable and attractive returns
  • To develop highly satisfied and motivated employees at all levels who will make an effective and efficient contribution towards our mission
  • To contribute towards the economic development of Sri Lanka
SMB Leasing PLC was incorporated in Sri lanka on 03/09/1992 as a Public Limited Liability Company under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007 and quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange in1993. SMB has been registered under the Finance Leasing Act No. 56 of 2000 and started finance leasing business with effect from 01st August 2002.
     Our Mission
“Our mission is to be an excellent provider of innovative financial products and services aimed at creating and enhancing the wealth of our society”
   Board Of Directors
Mr. U Gautam
Independent Non-Executive Chairman
Mr. G C B Ranasinghe
Independent Non Executive Director
Mr. J. C. Korale
Independent Non Executive Director
Mr. S. N. P. Palihena
Independent Non Executive Director
Dr. T. Senthilverl
Non Executive Director
Mr. H. R. S. Wijeratne
Non Executive Director

     Articles of Association
No. 110, D S Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 08. Phone : 0114 - 222888    Fax : 0112 - 683709   E-mail - smbhed@sltnet.lk

Deniyaya Branch - No. 11/A, Main Street, Deniyaya. Phone/Fax : 0414 - 938800